Engine & Genset Controllers
DynaGen Controllers are designed to provide complete control, protection, AC metering, and engine instrumentation for both standard and electronic engines and gensets

Control Panels & ATS System

Automatic Transfer Switches are available from 100A to 1250A with modular design for easy servicing and replacement 

Engine & Genset Alarm panel (PLC and Touch Screen based)

‚ÄčEELAT does following solutions for our customers at lower cost with higher quality.

- Alarm and Monitoring System (SCADA ) for Marine Gensets and Power plant
- PLC Programming and Touch Screen design and Programming

Neutral Ground Resistor

Neutral Grounding Resistors are designed to provide added safety to industrial distribution systems by limiting ground fault current to reasonable levels. In a typical solidly grounded three phase system, the neutral is tied directly to earth ground. This can cause high ground fault current (typically 10,000 to 20,000 amps) and excessive damage to transformers, generators, motors, wiring, and associated equipment. 

Load bank

Load Banks are devices designed to provide electrical loads for testing power sources such as generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Our Loadbank elements are made of a corrosion resistant chromium alloy and are fully supported across their entire length on stainless steel support rods with segmented ceramic insulators. Elements are carefully selected to operate at low temperatures to provide extended, reliable performance, eliminating the need for a "cool down" period after load bank operation.

Synch & Loadsharing  & Power management System (PMS)
All-in-One Paralleling unit for Marine and Industrial Application
Fully compatible with all speed governors and AVR
Fully compatible with all speed governors and AVR
Touch Screen interface
Input output flexibility
Internal Logic sequence, Programmable by equation
Pre-Defined functions for marine application