Solar Panel 

WhisperPower only use industrial grade cells guaranteeing long life and high efficiency
In general, solar panels are used as the power source for basic power requirements and maintenance of the battery. If a land power connection is not available, the solar panels act as the means to keeping the battery under voltage. 


Whisper-Power Gensets

The largest high-class choice of Diesel Generators. All power products are hand-made in the Netherlands and meet the highest quality standards and most current emission requirements

WhisperPower offers high quality industrial standard Lithium , GEL, AGM batteries for both Land and Marine applications.

Also supply custom high grade racking solutions and Battery Power management with CAN connection. 



A Sine Wave Inverter converts direct current (DC) from sources like batteries, diesel generators, or solar panels into alternating current (AC). 

The type of sine wave inverter you need depends on the application and consumption. Whisper Power offers roughly two types: the Sine models with a capacity up to 3 kVA and from 3 kVA onwards the models from the AC PowerCube series

Battery Chargers

Whisper-Power Battery chargers and Invertors as industrial proven and reliable products for both Land and Sea. 

The DC PowerCube is designed for more extensive electrical systems with a large battery bank and significant DC-consumption. 

The Supreme professional battery chargers combine three vital functions. Smooth, ripple-free multi-step battery charging, a power supply function to directly buffer DC appliances and a complete alarm and monitoring device for the entire 24 VDC system.

The WhisperPower’s Supreme battery chargers are designed for fixed installation in small and medium size vehicles/boats. 

The Handy battery chargers are ideal for charging all kinds of small batteries.


DOEN Waterjets Propulsion system

DOEN is a leading designer and manufacturer of waterjet propulsion systems focused on offering best of class waterjet products that excel in the harsh operating conditions of the commercial and military marine markets.